Monday, 5 June 2017

Kenyan e-taxi drivers to benefit from K3 Retail's 'on board shops'

K3 Retail, a new digital shopping innovation in Kenya is giving e-taxi drivers a chance to own ‘online on board stores’, converting their passengers into customers for original brands sold on the platform at a reduced price.

Drivers are simply required to use android devices, preferably tablets to register as K3 store on go shop owners by simply installing the K3 Retail app on their devices.

Once verified and approved, drivers can allow their passengers shop on the K3 Retail using those devices.

“We figured in order to market our products, we needed a solid partnership arrangement. We are leveraging on the 10,000 taxi drivers that are already in existence who almost certainly don’t go without clients. So far, Uber and Little Cab have expressed interest with already 86 drivers signed up and a further 213 on the pipeline awaiting evaluation,”Basil Payakkatu Vagnier, K3 group Kenya Managing Director.
“The plan is to have all rides with a special tab with the K3 service so that customers aboard the taxis can easily go through the products on offer as they ride along to their destinations. Based on our intelligence survey, we have noticed that most drivers and their passengers hardly engage given professional nature of the business. The clients often feel ignored or bored and thus the new system tries to address that,” he adds.

How Does it Work?

Every sale made from the device is noted, verified and approved by K3 Retail managers. The item purchased is delivered to the customer within 24 hours, with the driver earning a commission on every purchase made.

The commission is remitted to the driver via M-Pesa immediately the product bought is delivered is paid for by the client, the passenger.

During the time when the E-taxi drivers are not busy they can also share the product links via social media to increase their target sales market, where the customer can access our K3 website on their mobile or computer, and purchase drivers shared product or any other product from the website, the system will automatically allocate that sales under driver’s account.

This innovative marketing gimmick by K3 Retail is set to revolutionize the expanding e-market in Kenya, giving e-taxi drivers an opportunity to make an extra coin while giving buyers a super convenient shopping experience and discounts.

It is also widening market for existing local and international digital innovations like M-Pesa, taxi hauling platforms in the market as well as connecting brands with local consumers.

According to Basil, the platform is also allowing foreign and local retailers penetrate the Kenyan market easily, cutting on huge marketing budgets.

Basil said that he is more curious to have local manufactures on board as vendors.

After successful pilot running with E-taxi drives in Nairobi, K3 is expected to expand into other towns across the country.