Monday, 3 February 2014

Josephine Ekiru : A true woman leader and heroine for the wildlife

Josephine Ekiru PHOTO National Geographic

Josephine Ekiru, 28, has startled many Kenyans with her mission to preach peace and environmental conservation.

This was realized through Nation Television feature by Rose Wangui and Cameraman Boniface Mwangi  #PoachersDiary.

Josephine has a dream of ensuring that communities live together in peace and harmony and wildlife protected at the same time.

She uses the power of dialogue to ensure those who were Elephant poachers are abandon the illegal trade and be ambassadors who protect the elephants.

“Fighting with the youth is not a solution in conserving our wildlife. The most important is to sensitize them that the animals are theirs and not the government.
Everything is all about passion, I love peace and animals. I would not be happy if a youth is killed or even an animal."

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