Saturday, 26 January 2013

The Changing Winds Poetry Book Launch

A young Kenyan female poet, famous for her “Changing Winds” with love for arts, dance, painting, writing and stage performance with a BA in communications from Daystar University, on Saturday 9th February will launch her book “The Changing Winds” book.

The Changing Winds is a three part poetry book on Kenya which describes the events that took place in Kenya before and after 2008 the post-election violence through wind variations:

 The Tempest, The Gale and The Breeze. The Tempest looks at the tempestuous situations, frustrations and argues;

“Our nation is under siege
Its people turning monstrous!
Abuse runs rife and lies the order of the day.

Leaders cry foul over issues of non-relevance
While homes are scorched, women and children are raped and killers run the show with impunity.
A modern Sodom and Gomorrah!”
~ Our nation is under siege

The Gale speaks of the under currents of emotions that still ply minds and hearts having experienced the tempest while The Breeze looks at dreams, aspirations and challenges to grasp for a bright future.

The Changing Winds comes at a time when the country is about to go into elections and Poet Trudy does her artistic duty of being a mirror to society, urging them to be the change they want to see by using the past to shape the future.

Carole Mandi, a publisher, says Trudy’s ability to articulate in powerful poetics the injustices of the time in such words as, “We are living Zombies? Ducking and weaving through life? Trying to survive? Not knowing what lies around every owner” evokes emotion and paints vivid pictures for the reader.

Mandi goes ahead to say, yet hope is artfully woven in to each poem, “That one day neighbor would be brother would be father? AND neighbor be mother, would be sister/ and would be whole? A nation that’s family.”

She lifts the reader from the harsh present reality o the possibilities that lie ahead.
 The Author

Trudy Walmsley was born in Mombasa, Kenya and grew up in Lusaka, Zambia in a culturally mixed household and moved back to Nairobi during Kenya's move into multiparty state which fueled her patriotic spirit. 

A multi-faceted artist, Trudy fell in love with dancing, painting, writing and stage performance in her formative years and this have been key in shaping her worldview.

Trudy started writing when in secondary school where she kept a journal which served as material for her poems. She started writing poems on Kenya after a period of prayer and fasting in June 2007 and continues to do so to date and her decision to publish was principally due to the fact most of the poems seem to come from the heart of God and his love for his people.

She holds a BA in communication from Daystar University and looks up to Maya Angelou, the Psalms and Papa Nelson Mandela for her poetic inspiration. The Changing Winds is her first.

The Launch will see pieces from the book recited and performed in song and dance by the author, renowned poet Caroline Nderitu and Poetry Group, Mstari wa Nne’s Michael Kwambo. Others acts include Mishumo Madima; an upcoming Jazz and Soul Singer, Laughton Murage; a Nairobi based artist performer, dancer, singer and luxury life curator, Internationally Acclaimed Creative Dancer, Performer, Choreographer, Yassin Mutati and O.C.B; Our Church Band who are talented and dynamic performers.

The book launch will be MC’ed by Poet Sitawa Wafula and the special guest will be Felicia Tendo Foinmbam, Director at Eden School.

The launch will take place at Soiree Garden Restaurant, on the Junction of Kindaruma Rd and Marcus Garvey .