Sunday, 11 November 2012

Uncertain Times…Only God can save us from this heartache

Deployed officers 

Tonight just like many nights before my heart aches and I just can’t help but shelve my own needs in my prayer tonight and pray for people that hold a very special place in my heart.

“Dear Lord another 42 people died Saturday at Lomerok area in Barogoi Samburu County  not of illness or accident but because they werekilled by people of your own creation. No justification whatsoever of how they died, who was wrong or right can ease the pain their loved ones are going through tonight. Just the other day 12 were killed, the other day 4 died, several months ago over 100 were killed. Children tonight have been left fatherless but I pray that you may continue being the ever loving father of these children, I pray for their wives who will have to work extra hard to provide for their children, Comfort their families and friends as they mourn their loss.

"Heal the physically wounded"
But then again, what has come over us that we butcher each other just because we are of different ethnic communities? We are killing those sacrificing their lives in the line of duty? That we are so full of hatred? Lord, I am sure this is not what you purposed for us, I pray for forgiveness for we have all failed, for watching in silence as this happens. I know there are times you let us be when we refuse to listen to you. Tonight I pray that you may visit all Kenyans in their sleep remind us that we are all your children, created in your image, fearfully and wonderfully made. Remind us that you alone are the one who gives life and the only one who takes it away, finally remind us to be each other’s keepers and guardians at all times. Remind us that we owe it to our children and to many generations to come.

Lord, I pray for our leaders that they may realize the greater responsibility that comes with the title of being called a leader. I pray that you may grant them compassion that they may not only condemn the killings rocking our nation but they will offer leadership to ensure the safety and security of all is guaranteed. May they create avenues that justice is granted to the victims.

Bring us back to our senses before we perish Lord. Wipe the tears of those mourning and comfort them and heal the wounds that have not healed yet. Most importantly I pray for children who are victims of such circumstances that as they grow up they will learn to forgive and desist from seeking revenge for vengeance and revenge belongs only to you. I pray that they may not continue the cycle of violence, but that they will have the courage to break it.
"Lord help us realize that Kenya is not only made beautiful by the land marks but by the beautiful people you put on our soil."

Lord heal our land, heal Kenya that no more lives will be lost to senseless killings but we will be full of love, kindness and respect for one another. May peace prevail in every corner of our nation, I may not have much within my powers to change the circumstances but I know you put in my heart this burden and the courage to do little acts that will eventually contribute to a peaceful nation.

Finally Lord, I pray for all peacemakers in Kenya and in the world that they may not despair even when the journey gets tough and the only remaining thing is hope. Grant them courage to withstand all the handles that are on their way as it is not an easy path to travel. Bless them all.

Grant us peace in our homes, our nation, in our hearts and in the world over.