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The Search for Miss Fabulous 2012 Africa Beauty Queen ends with Aisha Shollei

Aisha is also Sh.100,000 richer as a result of winning the pageant. She is also due to receive an additional Sh.200,000 from Aida Odinga. With the title, Aisha is going to be an ambassador of change. She is signed under NOPE for the next one year to work on projects such as promoting health and peace awareness to the youth, she will be the voice for the less privileged and above all be a role model to the youth.

Miss Fabulous Africa Beauty Queen. This is a unique beauty pageant which aims at bringing out the inner beauty and abilities in the talented youth, according to the organizers Beki Promotions Limited.

Miss Fabulous Africa is a beauty pageant that is held every year, the main objective of this pageant is to help young women achieve personal growth, development and take pride in their heritage, discover their inner beauty in achieving their humanitarian goals in life and laying a strong foundation as leaders of the future.

It is a community driven Competition committed to addressing health, education, value of beauty; this are the key leading social issues in every community, an endeavor at bringing youth together to explore, discover and advance their creative talent.

What are the Advantages of the pageant?

The pageant redefines the African woman as a leader and a vital partner in the development of Africa and the world. Participants learning character building, peer education, Team building, critical thinking skills, confidence, positive self-esteem, personal identity and cultural diversity are just some of the advantages and benefits introduced by Miss Fabulous Africa Competition.

Opportunities presented

The winner of the pageant is crowned an Ambassador of Change and uses her position to influence and better the lives of others by promoting health and peace awareness to the youth, the plight of the less privileged while contributing to society development and most of all be a great ambassador and role model to the young people.

The current Miss Fabulous Queen is Teresia Nandunda.

During the previous event, a new category was created Miss Confidence in which, Ruth Mueni , a 27-year old, is the current reining Miss Confidence. She   is currently working with National Organization of Peer Educators NOPE as the head of a programme Tupange which aims at teaching the community about Family Planning methods.

Miss Confidence Ruth Mueni . Photo Courtesy | Mia Collis Traveler Photo Contest 2012 - National Geographic via   
Ruth is three feet tall.

Nonetheless, she refuses to let her physical challenge prevent her from pursuing and achieving her goals. A graduate of the University of Nairobi, Ruth works as a clerical officer in the Kenyan Ministry of Youth and Sports. 

She won a silver medal for Kenya in a regional table tennis tournament in Egypt. She is part of a local dance team. And, she is a dedicated role model to young girls who are struggling with low self-confidence. 

The message she shares with them is also the message she lives by: Accept yourself as you are and always keep a positive attitude.

Additionally, the event will give all the participants a shot at fame and on a political level, the unity of the diverse communities shall be present with positive effect as it will give all the involved a sense of real hope.

Who can participate?

A competitor may come from any country and participate as they get the chance to perform and network with others in an attempt to breakthrough in their respective talent category.

Miss Fabulous Africa Search will be held on 5th October 2012.  Like the Miss Fabulous Page on Face book for more details concerning the audition date.

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