Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Unveiling the new Kenyan model

First, I can’t even recall how I came to know her. Yes, it was through Twitter (a place where I have grown to love because of what I get to learn from different people- but, that’s for another day).
Through engagement, I came to know her as Nancy Amunga.

The Western Kenya diva with roots in Vihiga County makes heads turn because of her natural beauty, but her talents as one who is outgoing, loves travelling but has a keen eye on inspiring many youth in the society.

Since then, she has been working and making money in the local modeling industry photo shoots/campaigns, and promotional events. (Souls of Charity Initiative- a group of enthusiastic youth mostly composed of young models, actors, musicians and artists, who are philanthropic enough to dig from their pockets to raise funds and donations to help those who are less fortunate in the society. Out Days Adventures Tours - the African Kenya Jungle Safari Makers)

Nancy is not only exceptionally beautifully looking but also very ambitious and smart.

She says her constant focus is simply to continue to work hard towards the realization of his dreams.

“Don't give up on your faith because love comes to those who believe it, that’s the way it is.”

Here is our conversation:

Where were you born?
I was born in Nairobi, Pumwani maternity

Where do you currently reside?
In Nairobi Eastlands area, Makadara constituency

When did you start pageantry and modeling? I knew I had that talent but I was afraid of going for it until I met Miss Confidence who gave me the encouragement.

Who has been your biggest influence in your career?
My biggest inspiration has been Ruth Mueni the reigningmiss Confidence Kenya, I am involved in most of her projects and believe me the girl has got real confidence despite her physical challenge, and thanks to Beki Promotions who discovered my talent.

What are your greatest accomplishments?
Doing what I like doing most, that is giving back to the society, I am the secretary of a young member group called Souls of Charity, I am involved in Miss confidence project called "Building a special girl's confidence" which is meant to distribute sanitary towels to the girls at the same time encourage them mentally.

What would you tell young girls interested in following your footsteps?
As a girl/woman know that you are the latest creature to be created in the world and love yourself no matter what. And don’t follow somebody else's path because you might miss yours which is brighter, don’t try living a lifestyle that you can’t afford as Caroline Mutoko puts it "what you can’t afford live without, if you must have it work for it"

What are future plans in dance, modeling and/or pageantry?
I do modeling especially photo shoots and I want to be a motivation to every girl out there, and continue giving back to the society and help our young brothers and sisters from all over.