Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The eyes within Mt. Elgon region

Pigeons on top of a grass thatched house in Mt. Elgon region. Photos/ Phanice Chepkemboi

The richness of our multicultural society of people and lifestyles, diversity of our eco-system, wildlife, birds, marine life, monuments, historical sites, art and artifacts and our beautiful landscape scenery that our country is richly endowed with.

My pal and colleague shared these photos with me. The Photos are from a rich region called Mt. Elgon it is a forgotten region with enormous tourism potential.

It is a region you will experience a landscape of empty vastness and stillness, a landscape which reduces and relativises human endeavour to impersonal insignificance, and gradually infuses on one’s consciousness with a feeling of peaceful acceptance.

Consequently, the wildlife, multicultural society, landscapes and sceneries means much more than our heritage.
It defines Kenya as a nation enriched with tourism.

Building better infrastructure is important, but so is conservation of delicate habitats for posterity. 

What an enrichment our country is adorned with?

Despite the many challenges affecting us today, For instance, aspects of terrorism, we still have tourists coming in to our country.

Tourism is like a unique diversified expedition left in the world, leave alone the Caribbean region, the Hawaii, bringing new technology, marketing networks, job creation, cultural exchange and ideas in the social aspects, cultural aspects, economic aspects and environmental aspects of enrichment.

Tourism enriches the environment and the diversified biodiversity. It has enriched it through the improved landscaping and architectural standards in resort areas including increased local funding for improvement of local housing. In addition, it has promoted the interests in monuments and historic buildings and encourages funding to conserve and maintain them.

Kenya is the most breathtaking backdrop against which to learn the magic of photography-Maxine Rice 

Tourism has enriched the economic sector by helping fund new infrastructure and facilities that the local people can use. For example, it creates employment opportunities for the people thus, improving their living standards. It is through tourism that local people are involved in the tourism industry. 

This has seen greater awareness to the need of improving and preserving our cultures; wildlife, landscape, historical sites, and natural sanctuaries, artifacts that have seen domestic tourism move a step ahead. Moreover, it stimulates and diversifies the economic activity in other sectors such as, local craft thus, acting as a seedbed for entrepreneurship with spill offs into other sectors.

The Economic Pillar of Vision 2030 seeks to improve the prosperity of all regions by 2012 

Finally, our country’s diversity in terms of cultures of the people, wildlife, landscape, artifacts, historical sites have enriched the country socially, economically, culturally and environmentally. This is as a result of what we as a nation are endowed with that we can proudly say, tourism enriches us in all aspects of our lives and surroundings.