Monday, 25 April 2011

Martin Luther King III

I have never met anyone who has not heard of Martin Luther King Jr and his work to bring about equality and human rights in America. He was a giant among men and together with hundreds of activists stood against the might machine of racism and segregation in the USA.
I am one of the people who remembers where I was when I heard the news of his death. We lived in Langata and had not long had a TV and it was announced on the news. I was only 6 years old but I remember understanding that this was a terrible thing.
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Thursday, 14 April 2011

... Dear

… Dear,

 If I know it is the last time
That I will be seeing you
Walk out of door
I will give you a big hug en kiss
And call you back one more time

If I know it will be the last time
I stare an extra minute at you,
I will stop en say “I love you”
And show you I do

There will always be another day
To say that “I love you”
And certainly there is another day
To ask “Is there anything I can do?”

Tomorrow is not promised to anyone
Rich or poor, young or old,
Loved or hated,
And today maybe the last chance
So get hold of your loved one tight

Never regret not taking extra time
For a smile, a hug or kiss
Coz you were too busy to grant
Someone what tortured but
To be their last wish.

So hold your loved one close today,
And whisper in their ear
How much you love them dearly
Take time to say I’m sorry, please,
Forgive e and thank you or it is ok

And if tomorrow never comes,
You will have no regret for today

Just in case of anything,
I’d like to say I love you from
Deep inside my heart and will
Never REGRET doing so.

Hi Guys

Hi guys
Are you a candidate?
  • Ø  You have grown a beard?
  • Ø  You’ve got a deep, blurry voice?
  • Ø  You are worried about marriage?
  • Ø  You are a staunch fan of …
  • Ø  You pretend to love English league results?
  • Ø  You are learning how to be a good father?
  • Ø  You are talking of “in our times” to your klids?
  • Ø  You’re an expectant father?
  • Ø  You are counting days “time barred: in chuo?
  • Ø  You are anxious to face a whole world out here?

If you have all these factors, welcome to the outside world. It is

·         Real
·         Amazing
·         Entertaining
·         Fabulous
·         Fantastic

And so guyz you know I can’t write personally to all of you. Ma first letta (it was dirty.hop haikufika) I told you that I got to chop heard. Now your days are fast running, riddliong is over and all that’s left is to plan how to face your opponent in battle. Arm yourself.

Any way ma letta was a fake, some made up Hollywood or Nollywood. I am still Davy

·         Still mummy’s kid
·         Gentle
·         Shy and
·         Upper freak of chiqquitas

Hey chaps now take to your books (the only way to that brainy gal you’re eyeing).
I’m not yet to meet my real woman.

We’ve been singing thug luvin’ till we’re now screaming uuuuui!!!! And thinking wow!!!
Tell me u can stomach a bomb blast and I’ll buy you a Rolls Royce.
Still cookin’ in the mashambani area

Mama says: do it for me boy. Do it!!