Friday, 5 August 2011

Together, we can do more – and we can end hunger

Friday 5th 2011 was Kenyans4Kenya Day, The corporate world in the business frontier, Kenyans came together to make a difference in their homes, their communities, and Kenya, their mother land.

Those who spoke were everyday heroes, whether they are mothers, teachers, politicians, or students.

In Kenya, the image of Kenyan children starving and dying from hunger and malnutrition is certainly emotive and swiftly moves the international community to compassionate action.

Given the excruciating spectacle of death and hunger, it is easy to argue that low input, low productivity rain-fed small farm agricultural production systems are the culprit and must be replaced with production systems that utilize fertilizers, high yielding hybrid seeds, pesticides and irrigation.

 It  in a very small way through   and his blog 
10 DAYS and Counting #FeedKE I have a passion for Kenya and finding ways everyday to make this country a better place. Let’s join hands and together we will build Kenya.#FeedKE belongs to the people of #Kenyaand we will make it as one!! #Kenyans4Kenya.
Charity begins at home, we were there for our neighboring countries but now home needs us more #FeedKE
 of  noted that, “We have moved the world…”
He added that, “We must empower Kenyans we must grow food…we need to save lives, this issue of survival must stop.”

"The government has a responsibility but we as Kenyans have an even higher responsibility to support Kenyans" 

  will run a 2 months campaign dubbed, ' Change makes Change' where they will collect change on the flights for the cause.

  - 'Nobody should be dying in Kenya because of drought; we need to have proper "we're in this situation because of poor planning."

 "Let us be in the biz of creating hope & happiness, en if we do this Kenya will be far’ … Our future leaders are at risk because they are at risk of dying in Turkana and North eastern Province."CEO Nation.

'What moral authority do we have to continue doing biz, while Kenyans are dying??’Forget about Government. This country belongs to Kenyans and we cannot stand people dying in Turkana."  .

 : We shall draw from the heart of suffering itself the means of inspiration and survival. Winston Churchill

Our hopes on what the future may be like are increasingly filled with uncertainty.

Zig Ziglar- 

Our children are our only hope for the future, but we are their only hope for their present and their future. 

The hope for the future truly lies in our hands, as we shape and mold the world around them, we enable the worlds children to thrive. Life is fragile and delicate, we have the power to protect and we have the power to harm, the choice is ours, the difference is hope and prosperity or conflict and poverty.

We have our own challenges, we still demand for prosperity, employment health, lifestyle, and very friendly environment. However, HIV/AIDS and other diseases, climate change unfavorable policies and lack of self awareness lead them to non involvement in development activities.

As Kenyans we can still do more for people like you and me, "more" means contributing more money sending more food and medicine to save more lives and spreading the buzz to get our friends and community to join the movement to end hunger.
Therefore, let us all be leaders in service to improving the society and the country.