Monday, 1 August 2011

Are we there yet, in achieving our resolutions? its August!!

At the first of January a brand new year was ahead of us, “starting all over”.

We promised ourselves to quit smoking or nail biting, to lose weight, to visit our family more often, amongst many other resolutions.

Today, we are half way to another year, (based on Gods’ blessings) the plans we make are quite similar to the plans we made the years before.

 Some of us have realized that we did not manage to reach all the goals we set for ourselves at the beginning of the 2011.

We failed to execute them; setting and achieving a resolution requires determination, focus, effort, and commitment.

Changing old habits and developing new ones won't happen overnight.

For me, just because we’re at the BEGININIG of AUGUST doesn’t mean I’M letting off the hook with my resolutions just yet.

  I am going to do the following after learning one or two from a pal:

Surround myself with success “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future,” is a great saying because it’s true! The people and influences I surround myself with play a huge role in how I think, act and form my own aspirations.   Thus, I am Rearranging my environment to include more positive, proactive, prosperous, generous and happy people.

Solidify my career plan If you’re not already committed to a well thought out path, stop RIGHT NOW and look at where you are what your options are, and be more strategic with every new step you take.  Stop wasting time!  Get a grip now on how to leverage your talents, interests and style to make work something you love and are excited to talk about. 

Stockpile my options Opportunity truly is everywhere.  Today, more than ever, I need to have a solid idea of my options so I’m prepared for anything. I won’t let life or the economy sideswipe me or knock me around like tennis shoes in a dryer.  By lining up opportunities and having backup plans at the ready, I’ll feel more confident, less vulnerable, make smarter choices, and start to pay more attention to what really makes me happy and gets me closer to my goals.

Get my career on the fast track Did you know that every day I have the opportunity to do little things that can make a significant difference in my success? Those if I get a better grip on how to best position myself, packages my experience, and build my credibility, people will pay more attention to me and treat me with more respect?  If I surround myself with experts, advisors, and mentors I’ll make smarter decisions.  If I arm myself with the right information and insights, I’ll be smarter and probably make more money.


Build my community, build my career Getting involved in local causes, charities, fundraisers and committees can not only help me make an impact in my own backyard, but I’ll make some great friends and connections too.  Rallying behind a cause (whether local, national or global) gives me a very special opportunity to work with community leaders, entrepreneurs, corporate execs and other special people I might never have met.  Joining forces with them builds unity, camaraderie and a real sense of community.  Best of all I can make a difference in the lives of others…and the rush I get from that is second to none.