Friday, 1 July 2011

Waves of love and belonging

Waves of love and belonging
I’ ve in your alacrity to love and understand
That makes me jubilant and excited to be engulfed in your waves of love

Your alluring smile that lured me
With a dimple on your cheek
Makes me gaily and appreciative to you
I sure believe in waves of love

Your sweet, enticing and cajoling voice
I wanna hear and dance to it
Giving me extreme high expectation
To be forever locked in your wisdom of love

Your cordial treat and magic touch
Guides me to the heavenly gates of love
Leaving me forever locked in it
What charm do you posses?

Through your vivacity and high spirits
I found every reason to smile
To feel the warmth of love and care
To be engrossed in your love forever

Waves of love and beauty
You possess
I long to be embraced with
Because the impact was profound
Every time I remember that m0ment.