Thursday, 14 April 2011

Hi Guys

Hi guys
Are you a candidate?
  • Ø  You have grown a beard?
  • Ø  You’ve got a deep, blurry voice?
  • Ø  You are worried about marriage?
  • Ø  You are a staunch fan of …
  • Ø  You pretend to love English league results?
  • Ø  You are learning how to be a good father?
  • Ø  You are talking of “in our times” to your klids?
  • Ø  You’re an expectant father?
  • Ø  You are counting days “time barred: in chuo?
  • Ø  You are anxious to face a whole world out here?

If you have all these factors, welcome to the outside world. It is

·         Real
·         Amazing
·         Entertaining
·         Fabulous
·         Fantastic

And so guyz you know I can’t write personally to all of you. Ma first letta (it was dirty.hop haikufika) I told you that I got to chop heard. Now your days are fast running, riddliong is over and all that’s left is to plan how to face your opponent in battle. Arm yourself.

Any way ma letta was a fake, some made up Hollywood or Nollywood. I am still Davy

·         Still mummy’s kid
·         Gentle
·         Shy and
·         Upper freak of chiqquitas

Hey chaps now take to your books (the only way to that brainy gal you’re eyeing).
I’m not yet to meet my real woman.

We’ve been singing thug luvin’ till we’re now screaming uuuuui!!!! And thinking wow!!!
Tell me u can stomach a bomb blast and I’ll buy you a Rolls Royce.
Still cookin’ in the mashambani area

Mama says: do it for me boy. Do it!!