Friday, 14 January 2011


 It’s the self worth that make one
entwined together like a spider’s web
nothing to break through
someone’s pearls of wisdom

What ignites ones personality
the driving force towards innovation and creation
that has seen great men soar high
wisdom, ones instant imagination

the curtain that open the stage
when nations rise against nation
the heart of Mesopotamia
children, women cry, why the bloodshed?
That leave no serenity and rest
Life full of fear and worry

Wisdom, impoverishing our world
Not for the good for humanity
Friends grow into enemies
Neighbors see each other as strangers
Trust becomes muck

Where is the wisdom
That bring bias in society
Females looked down upon
Street urchins lonely in the streets
Where is the life of great
Noble creed?

Where is the wisdom that value
Peace rather war!
That tie ones personal liberation?
Where is the legacy we leave behind?
Yes, where is wisdom prevailing?