Sunday, 23 January 2011

Splendid Beauty

Just like a storm you came around
Blowing out and breaking my defense lines
Couldn’t stand the striking beauty in you
Splendid beauty you posses surely

Caught by crystal charm
I couldn’t surely, the beauty of your petite figure
Your exquisite nature did it all
The splendor of your beauty had a charm on me

Your thin lips when I kissed them
Gave an ecstasy feeling and joy
It tasted like berry which is ripe
Your kiss remained enshrined in mind

The curve of your thighs surely
The electrifying effect it had on me
I couldn’t stand it no, I couldn’t
Enthralled by your beauty and high spirits
I envisage in future and have you
To hold you and kiss in my arms
Because yours is a splendid beauty

Electrifying eyes you have
That pierces to great length of my heart
Leaving me exposed and be swayed away
Splendid beauty in you did it all.

 photo (David Odongo)