Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Mama, Ma Me're

I stand by the window and watch
The moon hidden behind the clouds, darkness…
Then tears streaming down
Reminding me of your broken love
And I say. “Papa, stop hitting mama”

Papa, mama cries in pain
Why hit her?
What wrong has she done?
Show her the love you had before
Mama, stop crying
You make me cry too

Papa, mama, you are the flame in my life
Burning ever so bright
Why, papa beat mama?
Making me wonder
What love is?
And papa say, “Sorry child,
I will never hit her again”
Thank you papa

Mama, your tender-loving and caring self
Making me wonder
What to give in return-roses?
But that would not be enough
I say thank you mama

I sit back and wonder, mama
What a life without you
Would be like but,
I would not even dream of
A world without you mama.