Monday, 10 January 2011

Let us give the youth a voice to close gaps in disparities through media

The present generation of young people, unlike its predecessors, lives in an increasingly
globalizing world that is being transformed by a wide range of technological innovations.
Despite these major developments, it is a world that still faces deep socio-economic disparities across various regions.
A major goal of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization - UNESCO pertains to media education and youth development. Over the last couple of years, numerous programmes and projects have been developed to explore youth involvement in media.
Although, journalists and scholars have been talking about the emergence of youth media cultures around the world, young people are increasingly being excluded from participation in media.
It is in this context, participation becomes a key notion that needs to be nurtured. Youth participation in media is a key strategy that needs to be strengthened at various levels – local, regional, national, and international.
As a result, young people, working with a range of media materials, will produce innovative content through dialogue and discussions.
This serves as a wake up call that, the acquisition of media-making, knowledge and skills, embedded in the lived experience of young people, offers unique perspectives, a vision and a voice that need to be examined to understand youth participation in media.