Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Together for a better Nation

History is littered with scalps of arrogant rulers who paid dearly for persistently refusing to learn from the past. Ensconced in the illusion of false infallibility, such leaders loaded from one fatal goof to another, stupidity ignoring even the most tell-tale signs of social disorder.

Consequently, over the past, the people of Kenya have engaged in activities that became symptomatic of a break down of social disorder and values, these include: irresponsible leadership, violence and hate speech.
However, on 27 of this month, will mark a great milestone for us, ushering in a new Kenya, our country being reborn. A day that reminds us of john f. Kennedy’s w “ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country."

Therefore, we cannot expect the leaders to do all for us as their responsibility, unless we join hands in implementing the new initiatives that will be brought forth to make a brighter and promising future for the youth, women and children.

This is a real opportunity for us as a nation to forge a forward motion by trying all we can in rebuilding this nation. We need a resurgence of national values to give a long term solution to achieve our dreams and aspirations.

In my opinion, August 27 is a day that will enable us to re-examine ourselves. We have paid dearly in our journey to reach this far, many have died along the way and we are fortunate to reap the fruits of the struggle.

On the other hand, the price may also be too high to pay with its implementation. Consequently, it would be a constant reminder to avoid a repeat of where we are coming from and an avenue that brings us on board to help in the formulation of meaningful ideas of transforming the society. Ideas that will mutually enable us live peacefully with each other.